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1、Flexible Industrial Insulation for High-Temperature Applications-ULT Series
Made of aerogel, use a patented process to produce NANOWOOL. Using special technology, NANOWOOL combines a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibers to deliver very low thermal conductivity, low density and good flexibility in an environmentally safe product. NANOWOOL provides excellent properties of waterproof, sound absorption and shock absorption. Nanowool is an alternative to the common environment friendly, inferior insulation products, such as PU, asbestos insulation felt, silicate fibers, etc.


Hot piping and equipment, dual temperature (contact us for limits), towers, tanks, low- and high-temperature ducts, chilled water systems, and fire protection. 


· Offer excellent resistance to flame spread
· Lighter than other insulation materials on an installed basis
· Excellent bounce-back properties
· Extremely hydrophobic and therefore have outstanding resistance to moisture