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VD is a kind of self-adhesion fireproofing constraint damping pin with high performance that the butyl rubber is served as the base material and the flame retardant agent is added. This material excludes such harmful substances as halogen, heavy metal and asbestos, which is a kind of environmental protection damping material.
This damping pin can provide a series of damping products with different damping characteristics through the basic composite aluminum membrane or steel sheet constraint layer with different thickness. This product is provided with good permanent adhesion with steel sheet and aluminum plate and may be widely used for shock and noise reduction of vehicle. 

Cold protection, heat insulation and sound absorption for enclosure of rail transit vehicles, airplane, bus and yacht, etc.
Vibration parts of rail transit vehicles, airplane, bus and yacht, metal trumeau, electric appliance cabinet, etc.
Area with high environmental protection requirement 
Area with requirement on light weight 
·  Pass through various firefighting tests on firefighting
·  Great internal damping, strong sound isolation and absorption performance
·  Great flexibility and tensile strength
·  Convenient construction
·  Damp proofing and moth proofing
·  Security and environmental protection
·  No production for poisonous gas