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Culture and Business Initiatives

Since the beginning, our success has been attributable to a focus on innovation, modernizing our business practices while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and meeting our customers’ needs. We have come to better understand our role in securing this proud company’s bright future. GC's employees, product portfolio, business model, Culture & Values and ability to execute its Business Initiatives combine to provide us a great sense of optimism for the years ahead.

Culture & Values

·      Ethics & Integrity
·      People, Leadership, & Diversity
·      Accountability
·      Speed & Adaptability
·      Strategic Vision
·      Execution
·      Customer Focus
·      Global Mindset
·      Continuous Improvement
·      Functional & Technical Excellence

Business Initiatives

Customer Loyalty

Ease of Doing Business / Quality / Delivery
Customer Loyalty began with the GC Connection initiative and challenges us to put the customer first in everything we do. Our goal is to incorporate innovative process disciplines to enhance customer value making GC easier to do business with. Leveraging our brand strength and building customer relationships are central to GC’s growth strategy.


Leveraging Technology to Drive Customer Value
Innovation is our lifeblood. Sales from newly introduced products have more than doubled during the past four years, and we have actions in place to deliver 25% of annual revenues from products introduced within the past three years. We are focusing on expanding technology platforms in every business. Internal development and acquisitions enable us to make "dumb" products "smart," differentiating Cooper in the marketplace. With the development of new products and technology, we enhance growth by continuously expanding the technical solutions and value we can deliver to our customers.


Competing and Winning Everywhere in the World
Globalization continues to be an area of major opportunity and investment for GC, and we have significantly improved our competitive position in international markets. GC has developed region and country specific strategies and expanded its physical presence in local markets. Today, we generate approximately 39% of total company revenue outside of the USA, selling in nearly 100 countries, and we solidify our global presence with manufacturing in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Talent Development

Acquire, Assess, Develop and Deploy
Talent Development allows us to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest who will lead GC in the achievement of our growth and performance objectives. GC University prepares high-potential leaders to meet the challenges of operating in an increasingly complex global and technical environment. We are introducing a number of integrated talent initiatives that will accelerate the achievement of our organizational capability.

Operational Excellence

Driving Continuous Improvement
Operational Excellence builds off our earlier productivity initiative and takes a broader, holistic view of our operating environment. Under the new initiative, we incorporate the principles of lean manufacturing, sales and operations planning, supplier management and materials management and place them under the rigor of our previously established MVP initiative. Our goal is to better service the customer and also to deliver ongoing productivity savings and working capital improvements.